Check the product warranty in our specification section and a hard copy will come with the product- the warranty guidelines are passed on from the supplier, to EHB to the consumer. In the unlikely event something goes wrong we have the right to fix or replace faulty parts. If it’s structural damage due to faulty workmanship that can’t be fixed then a replacement bed will be offered. Unfortunately we cannot refund or exchange your bed if you’ve changed your mind or made the wrong selection. If it’s deemed faulty due to misuse a replacement will not be offered. EHB must be notified within two weeks of the problem appearing. The warranty is subject to the original owner and the warranty is not transferable. The original receipt is to be presented when service is required to be carried out. Being a mechanical product some maintenance is required e.g. tightening screws, applying WD40 to some joins etc. If you are unable to carry out these requirements and you don’t know anyone who can assist please contact us.


Products may vary slightly from pictures on our website or products presented. Fabric dyes can be different from batch to batch and some parts may differ e.g. a remote might be a different shape or have some different options but the product will have the same main functionality so nothing to be concerned with.

If you have any questions please contact us at info@everesthealthbeds.com.au


We are not medical practitioner’s and advice given from EHB employees should not be interpreted as medical advice. We will help in the selection process but for proper medical advice please contact your GP or select an Occupational Therapist.

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